Wednesday, October 7, 2009

“You’re Beautiful”, Lee Hongki Transforms Into Jessica

FT Island’s Lee Hongki transformed himself into SNSD’s Jessica.

Starting its first airing on 7th October, SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful” includes parody music videos and one of which, requires Lee Hongki to transform into SNSD.

The main characters of “You’re Beautiful” challenged themselves in parodies of mega hits like Seo Taiji & Boys’I Know“, Roo’ra’s “Wingless Angel“, HOT’s “Candy“, DJ.DOC’s “Run To You“, Crying Nut’s “Let’s Ride A Horse“, Fin.K.L’s “Forever Love” and SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish“.

Lee Hongki, who transformed into SNSD’s Jessica, even wore skinny pants and 7cm-tall high heels for the filming. He revealed that, “Few days before the filming, I went to check out the song and the videos and made careful observation of their performance.”

Actually, during the filming of “Tell Me Your Wish“, he had a video call with Tiffany. “Lee Hongki and Jang Geunsuk, who did Jessica and Yoona’s parts respectively, look very pretty and I’m really shocked. I will watch the drama well when it starts,” Tiffany gave her support.

The parody music video will be shown at the end of the episodes as an epilogue before the preview of the next episode. The content will be different every time, giving surprise to the viewers.


Miki said...

The parody is really funny and fun to watch. I wonder when is the next parody coming out? I heard there will be 7 parody. YAB Hwaiting!!
BTW, I like ur blog~! (>_<)b