Thursday, October 1, 2009

Super Junior Super Show 2 in Hong Kong

Just wanna share some pics I got from the Super Show 2 concert in Hong Kong. Sorry for the picture quality because my cam is really crappy and there's this guard that keeps on coming to my side trying to warn everyone to keep their cameras. So I'll have to take pics with shaking hands and we all know that the Super Junior boys are very very playful. They run around the arena all over! I don't know who to follow anymore. LOL! XD

Donghae is mostly on our side of the stage. He stayed there the whole song but I didn't get one decent picture because of all the fan girls going crazy lifting their banners and placards. =S

The amazing remix of "Sorry Sorry". I know this song is addicting, but the change they made in this remix version is just great! It's like a whole new song, very fresh!

Super Junior Happy sang and danced to Superman. I noticed from the beginning that Kangin is not as lively as he used to be. His dance moves are controlled and lack energy. He really is feeling bad for the scandal he got himself into. T_T

My favorite, Super Junior "Gee". Hee-sica is the best! LOL! XD

This is when they started to play around with water guns. They shoot water to the fans all over. Lee Teuk is the one who plays around in our side of the stage. We were seated in row 2 so we're pretty close to the side of the stage. Which is also why most of my pics are from the side. =S

Kangin cried in this part while Siwon came to hug him. I feel so sorry for Kangin. He's so sad the whole night.

Goodbye stage. They bowed to all sides of the stage. That's the closest they got to our side.

Last bow in front of the stage. I believe everyone had fun and enjoyed the show.

Most of the fans got off in the airport, I guess to bade them farewell. The boys left Hong Kong right after the concert to catch the Asia Song Festival the next day. It was a great experience for me! Looking forward to more kpop concerts to attend in the future. ^_^