Friday, October 23, 2009

FT Island, Upgraded From “Flowerboy Idols” To “Men” (MaxMovie Part 1)

Everyone sees FT Island as an idol group with appearance and wit. However, they are actually different from the common idol groups.

“Idol groups” usually dance, whereas FT Island goes on stage with their guitars, bass and drums.

“Idol groups” in general, provide laughter to the viewers on variety shows. But on the other hand, FT Island lets the audience listen to their music.

Curiously, people only recognize them as an idol group, but the fact is, they do not have much chance to showcase their ability to the public.

Responding to this, FT Island is not hasty in proving themselves.
They said, “Someday, we will show our abilities.” They are not trying to deny the “idol group” title forcibly. FT Island’s concept was originally like this, to develop from debut as a “music idol band” instead of an idol group.

Having said that, the band is currently preparing for their third nationwide concert tour. “Men’s Storiesis the title of their concert. They are not doing this abruptly, but rather, they are showing everyone how much they have changed and improved. TheirMen’s Stories will be known at the upcoming concert.

So what kind of stories will there be at the concert? Maxticket has uploaded FT Island’s interview clips for viewing on 14th October. (Due to drama filming schedules, vocal Lee Hongki was unable to join us at the interview)

All of you are preparing for your third nationwide concert tour, right?

Jaejin: Yes, it’s already our third nationwide tour and we’re going to meet our fans once again. Of course, we’re doing lots of preparation now. Though we would like to share with you what we have prepared right now but…

Minhwan: Well, it must be a great preparation then? (laughs)

Jaejin: Of course! We’re preparing something big. It will be a performance which you have not seen before at all our usual stages, so we hope that many fans will come and enjoy it with us.

What is the meaning of the concert title?

Minhwan: Actually, for all these while, we have been showing a very friendly and cute image to our fans. From this time onwards, probably a little wilder image? Or rather, manly image. That was how we came up with the concert title “Men’s Stories”.

Jaejin: (Looking at Seunghyun and laughs) Is it the story of Seunghyun? Wild and like a man.

(All look at Seunghyun and laugh, while Seunghyun pinches Jaejin lightly.)

Removing the “flowerboy” title and changing to “men”, would it be a challenge to the popularity you have obtained so far?

Jonghoon: Were we flowerboys? (laughs)

Jaejin: (points at all members except Jonghoon) All of us except Jonghoon. (laughs)

Jonghoon: We’re not removing that image, but rather, adding a more manly feel, which we have not tried at all so far. For example, Seunghyun’s wild image? (laughs)

In fact, you have not been receiving much recognition of your abilities due to your appearance, right?

Minhwan: We have always been quite regretful because of that, but we’re not so impatient now. We still have a long way to go, so we think that everything will go well if we make changes bit by bit. We believe that if we work hard, we will gain recognition someday.

The performing environment for a public show is not good. So were there any episodes (interesting things that happen) like, a broadcast incident?

Seunghyun: In any case, we do lots of synching during broadcast shows. Similar to lip-sync, there is hand-sync, in which music recorded (MR) is turned on and we move our hands accordingly just like we’re playing the music. Therefore it’s true that we’re unable to let everyone listen to our live. So, we’re having concerts often, as much as we can, to perform live for our fans.

Jaejin: The question is asking you to talk about episodes. Episodes! (all laugh)

Seunghyun: (embarrassed) There was once my guitar string broke during performance. And to make things worse, the guitar strap broke as well. I was at a loss so I put down my guitar, grabbed a mic and sang together with Hongki-hyung.

Wouldn’t the music continue to play even when you’re not playing the guitar?

Jaejin: Exactly. The performance had to carry on. (laughs) How pitiful it looked… I was looking at Seunghyun from the side and he placed his guitar down awkwardly. In fact, due to this, people are placing higher hopes at our concerts. Even though incidents happen during live stages, it is also the main challenge of performing live.

Do you feel like jumping around on the stage at broadcast shows like how you would on concert stages?

Jaejin: We can’t jump around on stage during broadcast shows. The stage is small and we need to be conscious of the camera. However, during concerts, we move around on stage as much as we like, and perform our very best for the audience. That is the image of a band.

Wouldn’t Minhwan be pitiful as he can only play drums at the back?

Minhwan: (laughs) It’s all right. Now, I think that the coolest thing is to work hard behind everyone else without being seen.

Jonghoon: (looks at Minhwan) Not being seen at all is really a problem. (laughs)

Minhwan: So everyone please come to our concert with binoculars. You will really enjoy yourself fully at our concert then.

Jaejin: Why? Because Minhwan can be seen?

Minhwan: (laughs) Fans who sit at the back can’t see the front well, isn’t it? Those who are not at the standing area should enjoy themselves too.

FT Island – Nationwide Concert

Date: 14th (Sat) & 15th (Sun) November
Ticket Open: 14th October (Wed), 9pm
Ticket Pricing: VIP Seats 88,000 WON, R Seats 66,000 WON, S Seats 55,000 WON, A Seats 44,000 WON (10% Discount for early bird purchase)
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