Friday, October 2, 2009

FT Island’s 3rd Japanese single ‘Raining’ details

Details have been released for the October single, their newest Japanese maxi.

Title: Raining

Release date: October 21st, 2009
Format: CD+DVD

Track list:

1. Raining
Lyrics by miyakei / Music by 大智 / Arranged by youwhich

2. Everything is possible
Lyrics by Shusui, Lee Jae Jin / Music by Shusui

3. It’s U
Lyrics by Lee Jae Jin, CUL / Music by OWL / Arranged by youwhich

1. Raining (Promotion Video)
2. Raining (Special Feature)

International buying options (please note that the DVD is region 2): Yesasia and CDJapan

And there is a Member message (below) from the boys about the release (Raw. The combination of my only half-decent Japanese, their accents, and their goofing around is making my ability to translate near nothing). They discuss how it’s autumn, and how the single reflects that, then talk about the release date. Hongki is in charge of telling how their will be a minilive in Tokyo soon after. They all mock his language fail. Oh, and for some reason Seunghyun has a skirt on.

I have thoughts under here, but they are unimportant

Nice to see Jaejin in on two of the tracks, and I’m curious to know which languages they are. I am going to assume that It’s U is in Korean, because I have a hard time believing that they’d let the poor boy try to muddle through an English or Japanese track all by himself.

The teams are mostly the same people who worked on I Believe Myself. Miyakei and 大智 (Daichi) are the same lyricist/composer team that did I Believe Myself and Shusui is the same gentleman who wrote TV Radio.

While I can find no information on OWL, , Youwhich has arranged most of their Japan releases to date. It seems AI Entertainment is keeping the same team around, for better or worse.

Either way, I’m excited. Especially about Raining, since I really liked I Believe Myself, so another song from the same team shouldn’t disappoint. At least, I hope it won’t.

Sad not to see any of the boys composing here, though. Jonghoon did a wonderful job with Moonlight Angel, and I like seeing the boys taking roles. But with Jaejin working on two of three tracks, I had hardly complain. ^_^;