Friday, October 2, 2009

[News] 091002 FT Island, “We Will Party With The Members In Our Dorm”

Chuseok is approaching and FT Island members Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan reveal their future plans.

The 3 members of FT Island will release an album under the name “FT Triple” in October. A limited edition of FT Island’s repackage album also will be released at the same time, under a 1+1 promotion. The sub-group had a hard time thinking of their group name. They wanted to call themselves A3 initially because all 3 members have bloodtype A, however, they decided to use FT Triple instead as they wanted to retain the name “FT“.

The members said that it’s been a long time since they wore hanbok. Lee Jaejin said that, “Wearing hanbok makes you feel comfortable and your mood will naturally become good. We haven’t been spending Chuseok well for the past six years as we’re preparing for concerts during this period of time every year. This year as well, we are unable to go back home due to concert preparations, so we’ll be spending it in our dorm.”

Lee Jaejin also added that, “During Chuseok, I’d like to go to the countryside to get some fresh air and take a break. I also want to visit my grandfather’s grave. Being the eldest grandson, I ought to pay a visit but I’m unable to do so and I feel sorry about it. I used to go to public bathhouses with my father. Though it was awkward, the times were memorable.”

Choi Minhwan said, “My family is big. Really big. I haven’t been back to visit my relatives for the past 6 years. I wouldn’t be able to recognise them if they visit me at our concerts. During festive seasons, we will gather closely with our relatives and play games. The most memorable time is when we played Yut* together when I was still in elementary school.”

Choi Jonghoon said, “During festive seasons, I will eat, watch movies and go out with the other members. As we’re unable to visit our parents, they will bring us food instead and we’ll party in our dorm with the food they brought. I do not have much memories of Chuseok so spending Chuseok with our members are most memorable to me.”

The most popular dish among the 5 members is meat and vegetable skewer. The members said that, “We eat a lot on these special occasions as we do not have to the chance to do so usually. Even if we do not eat much, our parents will force us to eat. On festive seasons like this, our parents will all gather at our dorm and chat. They also complain that we’re too noisy.”

Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan also send Chuseok greetings to their fans. “During Chuseok, eat more and don’t get sick. We hope that you’ll spend this special day with your family, rather than to wait for us outside our practice room. Wear hanbok if possible too. You’ll have a refreshing feel.”