Friday, October 23, 2009

FT Island, Attends Actor School For A Manly Performance (MaxMovie Part 2)

Just like the title “Men’s Stories”, are you preparing a sensational show for us?

Jaejin: We’re in the midst of preparations now. It’s a secret so we cannot reveal anything yet. We’re also preparing for a big event for the first time.

As what we’ve heard, is it through that all of you are attending actor school?

Minhwan: It’s a secret. How did the rumour came out?

Jaejin: (looking puzzled) Who told you? Actually, we are attending actor school. We want to do a manly performance, so we’re working hard and of course, putting our words into action. We really want to show the manly sides of us, which we have not done it so far.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if all the members exchange their positions in the band and perform?

Minhwan: We really want to give it a try. I watched the Japanese band L’arc-en-ciel’s performance some time back, it was really cool.

Jonghoon: Which instrument would you like to play?

Minhwan: Guitar.

Jaejin: Well, for me, just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. (laughs) We have actually been practising playing other instruments, it’s just that we didn’t have the chance. Minhwan can play the guitar well, Seunghyun is also (turns his head to look at Seunghyun) good in doing many other things. Jonghoon has the feel of a vocalist. (looks at Jonghoon) Why don’t you show us?

Jonghoon: (at a loss) We’ll just leave it like this now. I’ll show it at the concert. (laughs)

Please don’t be like that. Show us something please.

Jaejin: (looks at Jonghoon and laughs) You’re caught!

Jonghoon: (completely at a loss, and rejecting using hand gestures) It’s not like that. Really cannot.

Jaejin paused for a while when talking about Seunghyun’s playing skills, is it because he joined the band later and lack of practice?

Minhwan: It’s definitely not like that. Seunghyun’s concept was originally like this. A concept whereby the members got to keep up with him. (laughs)

Jaejin: That’s right. In fact, Seunghyun is a friend who can rap well and has outstanding abilities.

So, will we be able to see solo stages at the concert?

Jaejin: Well, since we have already prepared something special…

Minhwan: Actually, there won’t be any solo stages. We are preparing a special stage though.

Have you all been practising other things to bring out members’ individual charm then?

Jaejin: I am doing lots of singing practice for this concert. Besides Hongki and Seunghyun, I am also working hard in singing. I’m thinking of singing for our fans at the concert.

Minhwan: I’m doing some liaising to introduce a some new faces to our fans. It’s a new group. They are also our friends.

Jonghoon: Is it a female group?

Minhwan: No. A male group.

Jonghoon: Aish, then I’m not interested. (laughs)

Seunghyun: It’s my first concert stage in Korea, so I’m practising a lot. I’m also doing lots of preparations so as to show the best side of myself at the concert.

Jonghoon: Since the concert title is “Men’s Stories”, we want to show some manly and charismatic sides of ourselves. We’re also thinking of exposing ourselves, if the fans want.

So now we have a preview of the members exposing themselves at the concert. All of you must have been doing lots of exercise.

Minhwan: We have a lot of fitness equipment in our dorm. Sometimes if we are bored, we’ll spend time doing exercise. But, in fact, we do not exercise regularly due to our busy schedules.

Hongki couldn’t join us today due to his busy drama filming schedule as well.
Since he’s not around, is there anything you would like to say?

Minhwan: Hongki-hyung started exercising when his drama filming started. Hmm.. How should I say? He was over-doing it. Even when he’s walking, he exerts strength in his arms and walk…, and when he’s exercising, he lets out groaning sounds. I hope he doesn’t do that.(laughs) I’ll get goosebumps.

Jonghoon: Sometimes, even in dramas, he walks with stiff arms. We’re embarrassed of that, Hongki.

Seunghyun: I’ll do a video letter for him.
Dear Hongki-hyung, let’s share clothes. Since we are members living under one roof, there will be times when I wear your clothes by mistake. There isn’t a need to say “take it off”, right? There are people around so please say it nicely to me. Don’t get angry when you see this video and I hope you will protect me with your love. Hongki-hyung, I love you.

Leave a concert invitation message to your fans as an ending.

All: Ok! FT Island’s concert will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium on 14th and 15th November. We have prepared many things and it’s also few days right after Minhwan’s birthday, so we hope many people will come. Hongki, who is not here with us right now, is also practising hard, so do come and enjoy. Until now, it’s FT Island.