Monday, November 30, 2009

t-ara 1st full length album revealed in full!

The first full length album for T-ara titled ‘Absolute First Album’ has been revealed in full on 27th November.

The album is a collection of 14 tracks, including their earlier-released hits like ‘Lies’, ‘TTL’ and ‘Good Person’, and with new songs like ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ and ‘Like The First Time’.

Go under the cut to preview all the songs.

T-Ara (티아라) – Absolute First Album
Release date: 2009.11.27
Genre : Pop, Dance
Language : Korean

01 One & One
02 처음처럼 (Like The First Time)
03 Bo Peep Bo Peep
04 Tic Tic Toc
05 Bye Bye
06 Apple Is A
07 Falling U
08 Say Good Bye
09 거짓말 (Lies) (Dance Ver.)
10 TTL (Time To Love)
11 거짓말 (Slow Ver.)
12 TTL Listen 2
13 좋은 사람 (Good Person)
14 놀아볼래? (Wanna Play?)

drama couple Park ShinHye and Jang GeunSeok date in real life!

SHINee to celebrate Triple Crown with special remix performance of ‘Ring Ding Dong’ on SBS Inkigayo

Group SHINee will be putting up a special performance.

Having won triple crown on SBS Inkigayo, winnng Mutizen for 3 weeks straight, the group has prepared a special performance on the show on 29th November. They will be performing the remix version of their current hit ‘Ring Ding Dong’.

With that, on Take7 will be K Will, SS501, Park Bom, U-Kiss, 2PM, Brown Eyed Girls and TaeYang.

[CF] 2PM & Kim Tae Hee - Paris Baguette (15s) HD

[Photo Spam] New photos of 2PM and Kim TaeHee for Paris Baguette

It’s December! Getting ready for the Christmas mood, we have new Christmas season CFs, and one of them is the Paris Baguette endorsement by 2PM and Kim TaeHee.

Individual shots:

T-ara’s upcoming title song, chosen by 9,000 fans, to be revealed on 2nd Dec

T-ara will be revealing their new title song, decided by 9,000 netizens over on 9 music sites, at 9am on 2nd December.

They revealed their 1st full length album ‘Absolute First Album’ on 27th November previously, and then revealed 4 MVs for the songs ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ (with 15+ and 19+ versions), ‘Like The First Time’ and ‘Apple is A’.

Their agency revealed, “About 9,000 people has taken part in the poll to choose their title song over 9 music sites. With that, we will be revealing the title song on 2nd December at 9am.”

The 2 songs which are up for the title song position are ‘Like The First Time’ and ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’. ‘Like The First Time’ is up #1 on various online music chart, while ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ is also doing well up on charts.

SNSD - Chocolate Love MV [Version 2]

SNSD - Chocolate Love @ Women's Volley Ball League Opening Celebration


Choi SooJong and Kim HeeAe hosted MBC's anniversary special '2009 New Life to Children.'
The event was opened at KyungKiDo IlSan MBC Dream Center Public Hall.

SNSD - Chocolate Love @ Women's Volley Ball League Opening Celebration

Key&Taemin dancing to 'SNSD-Gee&F(x)-Lachata' @ Dreaming Radio

SHINee Live - Ring Ding Dong @ Dreaming Radio

Shinee being Cute&'Ring Ding Ding' Live @ SSTP Radio

FT.triple, Wants To Do Well In Both Concert & Album Activities

3 members of FT Island are busy with their unit group activities now.

Consisting of members Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan, the unit group FT.triple released 3 songs in the album “Two Date“.

Their title song “Love Letter” catches the attention of listeners with its realistic lyrics that talks about the worries for one’s ex-lover, expressed in the form of a letter.

Lee Jaejin, who has already received recognition in his musical performance “Sonagi“, is the main vocal of the unit group FT.triple.

The 3 members revealed that it’s only natural that they feel lonely and fearful doing activities without all 5 members present. However, they felt even better that they could now show a new image of the team to the public.

“It wasn’t that scary to perform with only 3 members. However, we’re just worried if the fans will feel awkward.” (Minhwan)

“There are many people who are looking forward to our 3-member stage. We’re also working hard to show a new image of FT Island to everyone.” (Jonghoon)

This time, especially, Jaejin is replacing Hongki as the main vocal.

Jaejin commented that through their activities, he was able to showcase his vocal abilities, which he had brushed up during his musical.

“Though I have sang before, it is true that my vocal abilitiy is still insufficient. Hongki handled this part well. However, being the main vocal this time round, I feel worried and burdened. But now, it’s slowly getting more and more interesting.” (Jaejin)

Other members of FT Island also gave them support, showing how close the members are.

“It’s true that we didn’t get to see one another often due to our busy schedules. We met Hongki not too long ago and he told us to do well and gave us lots of encouragement. He also gave me tips on singing and it really helps.” (Jaejin)

Lee Hongki has also received lots of compliments on his acting in the SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” as Jeremy.

FT Island does not only do music. We would like to try out different areas. Actually we’re doing solo activities recently too. Hongki is also doing a drama now.” (Minhwan)

FT Island has started their nationwide concert tour on 14th and 15th November at Seoul’s Jangchung Gymnasium.

The members stole the fans’ attention by having solo stages, something which they have never revealed before. Dropping their teens image, they caught noona-fans’ hearts with their charms.

“We hope that everyone will give lots of love to our album as well as our nationwide concerts. It could be hard but we’re doing our best to show a different charm to our fans and we’re aiming to be a group like that in future too.”

We’re looking forward to their success in album activities and concerts.

FT Island’s Japanese Album, “So Long, Au Revoir”

Tracklist for FT Island’s first full Japanese album So Long, Au Revoir along with the cover (which is much too cute for words)


1. Ready Go!! (New track)
2. Live Like a Musical
3. TV Radio
4. Everything is possible
5. I believe myself
6. Raining
7. moonlight angel
8. You’ll Be In My Heart
9. It’s U
10. The One
11. Winter’s Night (New track, and Seunghyun helped write the lyrics!)
12.Bonus track (FTIsland’s commentary)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Invincible Youth'

Minho (SHINee), Yuri & Sunny (SNSD), Goo Hara (Kara), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Hyuna (4minute), Hyomin (T-ara), Han Sunhwa (Secret), Noh Joo Hyun, Nam Hee Seok, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Shin Young

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lee Byung-hun +Storm Shadow

Bulan august ari tu tengok GI JOE .. kat rumah.. haha2.. dan baru teperasan beberapa minggu ni yang pelakon STROM SHADOW tu pelakon korea terkenal lee byung hun.. sekarang tengah meletop dengan drama IRIS in kbs..waa.. tak sangke pulax, kalu tau ade pelakon korea dah gi tengok wayang gi joe awal bulan 10.. ha3..

[MV/DL] 브라운아이드걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls) - Abracadabra (Eng. Sub)

Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra lyrics

Ireoda michyeo naega yeoriyeori chakhadeon
Geureon naega neottaemune dora naega dokhan naro byeonhae naega
Neol darmeun inhyeongeda jumuneul tto georeo naega
Geunyeowa jjijeojyeo dallago-go
Every night I'll be with you
Do you love her? do you love her?
Maeil naui kkum soge
Do you love me? do you love me?

Bring bring neoreul naege gajyeoda jwo
Mworado nan hagesseo deohan geotdo hagesseo
Bring bring doneun naui fantasy yeah
Modeungeol geolgesseo neol naega naega gatgesseo

Motchama deoneun naega ireoda jeongsineul nochyeo naega
Dodaeche wae neoran aega naemaeume bakhyeo niga
Jjitgyeojin sajineda jumuneul tto georeo naega
Geunyeoga tteoreojyeo dallago-go

Every night I'll be with you
Do you love her? do you love her?
Maeil naui kkum soge
Do you love me? do you love me?

Bring bring neoreul naege gajyeoda jwo
Mworado nan hagesseo deohan geotdo hagesseo
Bring bring doneun naui fantasy yeah
Modeungeol geolgesseo neol naega naega gatgesseo

Im in the Voodoo Land~ neol doechatgi wihan plan
Maeilgachi ireoke nanullae neol hyanghan majimak step
Geunyeoui soneul japgo geunyeowa ibeul matchugo
Geureon neoreul sangsangjocha hagi sirheo I jumune yeomwoneul sireo

Rallallallallalla rallallalla
Rallallallallalla rallallalla
Rallallalla rallallalla
Abracadabra da irwojyeora

Lets go!
Uh uhuhuh! ha hahaha!
Nege jumuneul georeo bwa
I'm like a supervisor
Neol tongjehaneun kaiser
Naegeseo beoseonal su eobseo

Bring bring neoreul naege gajyeoda jwo
Mworado nan hagesseo deohan geotdo hagesseo
Bring bring doneun naui fantasy yeah
Modeungeol geolgesseo neol naega naega gatgesseo

Ireoda michyeo naega yeoriyeori chakhadeon geureon naega
Neottaemune dora naega dokhan naro byeonhae naega
Coolhancheok haneun naega nollawo da ireon naega
Anincheok neol mannareo gado-do

Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk reveal a happy wedding

OMO! ^_^ This sure will excite all YB fans for the upcoming last two episodes! ^^

Jang Geun Seok & Park Shin Hye unveil a happy marriage photos