Monday, November 30, 2009

FT.triple, Wants To Do Well In Both Concert & Album Activities

3 members of FT Island are busy with their unit group activities now.

Consisting of members Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan, the unit group FT.triple released 3 songs in the album “Two Date“.

Their title song “Love Letter” catches the attention of listeners with its realistic lyrics that talks about the worries for one’s ex-lover, expressed in the form of a letter.

Lee Jaejin, who has already received recognition in his musical performance “Sonagi“, is the main vocal of the unit group FT.triple.

The 3 members revealed that it’s only natural that they feel lonely and fearful doing activities without all 5 members present. However, they felt even better that they could now show a new image of the team to the public.

“It wasn’t that scary to perform with only 3 members. However, we’re just worried if the fans will feel awkward.” (Minhwan)

“There are many people who are looking forward to our 3-member stage. We’re also working hard to show a new image of FT Island to everyone.” (Jonghoon)

This time, especially, Jaejin is replacing Hongki as the main vocal.

Jaejin commented that through their activities, he was able to showcase his vocal abilities, which he had brushed up during his musical.

“Though I have sang before, it is true that my vocal abilitiy is still insufficient. Hongki handled this part well. However, being the main vocal this time round, I feel worried and burdened. But now, it’s slowly getting more and more interesting.” (Jaejin)

Other members of FT Island also gave them support, showing how close the members are.

“It’s true that we didn’t get to see one another often due to our busy schedules. We met Hongki not too long ago and he told us to do well and gave us lots of encouragement. He also gave me tips on singing and it really helps.” (Jaejin)

Lee Hongki has also received lots of compliments on his acting in the SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” as Jeremy.

FT Island does not only do music. We would like to try out different areas. Actually we’re doing solo activities recently too. Hongki is also doing a drama now.” (Minhwan)

FT Island has started their nationwide concert tour on 14th and 15th November at Seoul’s Jangchung Gymnasium.

The members stole the fans’ attention by having solo stages, something which they have never revealed before. Dropping their teens image, they caught noona-fans’ hearts with their charms.

“We hope that everyone will give lots of love to our album as well as our nationwide concerts. It could be hard but we’re doing our best to show a different charm to our fans and we’re aiming to be a group like that in future too.”

We’re looking forward to their success in album activities and concerts.