Friday, October 23, 2009

FT Island Former Member, Oh Wonbin, Participates In “You’re Beautiful” OST

Oh Wonbin, former member of FT Island, will be participating in one of the tracks of “You’re Beautiful” OST, titled “Coming Down From The Sky“. It was said that Oh Wonbin volunteered to sing for the OST in support of his ex-fellow band mate, Lee Hongki.

There are many assumptions when this news was released. With earlier reasons saying that Oh Wonbin left the group due to disharmony between the members and him being singled out, his participation in the OST this time is creating lots of speculation.

Some netizens are making assumptions that, “Could it be that Oh Wonbin is returning to FT Island?” and “Is Oh Wonbin doing projects with FT Island or with the individual members?” Some also said that, if it is true that there is disharmony between the members, then it would be difficult for Oh Wonbin to participate in the OST to support Lee Hongki.

FT Island’s management company said that, “As what was already mentioned earlier, Oh Wonbin left the band due to differences in music. Though Oh Wonbin has already left the group, their friendship is still strong.”

Meanwhile, songs from “You’re Beautiful” OST will be revealed on and other major online music sites on 14th. The physical album will also be released on the same day.

Song by Oh Wonbin and Miss $, titled “Coming Down From The Sky“, has a cheerful and bright melody with sweet lyrics.

The OST is also receiving lots of love with songs such as “Still” and “Promise” having both A.N.JELL and Lee Hongki’s versions. Park Shinhye’s solo is also included in the OST.