Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jaejin & Minhwan @ Mnet “GIFT” by Park Hyoshin Epi 4

Finally FnC lets the rest of the boys out on shows. Shangyu, Mr. CEO~

This time, the adorable ones from FT Island (magnae Choi Minhwan and “middle son” Lee Jaejin), followed Park Hyoshin hyung to Jeju island for a trip, for the making of Hyoshin hyung’s 4th track in his new album (”Gift”), titled “Deja Vu”.

The self-professed “awkward” boys of FT Island followed Hyoshin hyung around in his nifty sports car, went horseback riding, took selcas at the beach, cycled around empty roads, enjoyed the beautiful sunset, went for dinner with piano-playing teddy bear, and peeked at a showering dongsaeng O_O.

For their first time out without the hyungs, I thought they did well, and not too awkward at all.
If they really want to continue in their idol path, I think they need to get out on more shows like these, so they can get more recognition too.

Check out the full episode at youtube as embedded below:
(Next week, for episode 5, Hyoshin hyung is bringing the boys out to the sea… lol it’s gonna be cute)

Mnet Special, “GIFT” by Park Hyoshin, Epi 4 “Deja Vu”, Part 1:

Mnet Special, “GIFT” by Park Hyoshin, Epi 4 “Deja Vu”, Part 2:

Mnet Special, “GIFT” by Park Hyoshin, Epi 4 “Deja Vu”, Part 3:

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