Friday, October 2, 2009

FT Island’s “A3″ is not a piece of paper

To those who have been to, or have bought and watched the FT Island’s 2009 My First Dream Concert (DVD) in Japan (held earlier this year, in January 2009), would have known what it means by A3.

Yep, as written in the concert DVD Jacket, A3 is a mini band in FT Island, or a mini project band -if you prefer to call it that way-.

A3 is made up of FT Island’s Lee Jaejin (as bass and main vocal), Choi Jonghoon (as guitar) and Choi Minhwan (as drums).

The mini band was “launched” unofficially during the 2009 My First Dream concert, playing FT Island’s cheerful tunes like “Love Is…” and “FT vs. PRI”. They also had a string of instrument solo in between the songs, and the rest of the band (i.e. Minhwan and Jonghoon) also sang as sub-vocals for the performance.

Why A3 was created in the first place, was, to some levels, to help take up some singing time during the concert, so that lead singer, Lee Hongki, would not overstrain his voice.

(Hongki’s throat was having problems due to exhaustion, throughout December 2008 – January 2009, leading to several disappointing performances within that period –> But that’s another story altogether).

Why the name A3, is also another question.

Apparently the three members making up the mini band, have the same blood type (i.e. A), hence the name A3. Cute, yes? =P

I can’t help but notice how fast time flies, though…
The concert was at the beginning of the year, and you could clearly see how Jaejin (and the other two) were still uncomfortable singing without Hongki.

But after the 3rd album release recently, you can see they are now more carefree and confident with singing on stage. Obviously somebody has been taking their vocal lessons seriously….. heh. -I feel like a proud mother hen -__- -

Now, I don’t usually upload DVD cuts (because of obvious reasons), but I have good reason to do so this time, as I want to make a somewhat proper profile of the mini band in this blog.

If you want to watch the real thing in high quality and resolution, please support and buy the DVD at either HMV Japan or Yesasia.

Now let’s check out A3 in action~

A3’s Instruments Solo @ 2009 My First Dream Concert

A3 – “멋쨍이 vs. 이쁜이” (”FT vs. PRI”) @ 2009 My First Dream Concert

A3 – “Love Is…” @ 2009 My First Dream Concert

What do you think of the mini band? ^___^

Check out more scans (of A3 boys) of the photobook, after the jump…