Thursday, June 11, 2009

A “Triple” threat

Are you ready for “Triple”? :)
I am sooo ready~ for Thursday. Two episodes back-to-back~ ^^ wooot~

Here’s a good article to read to kinda be on the same page with the production team, including our Coffee Prince PD. (for me, “Triple” is all about eye-candy *cough*Lee Jung Jae*cough* and an awesome soundtrack. But if it turns out to be a great drama, it would be much better too.)

MBC’s new series a ‘Triple’ threat

MBC’s latest Wednesday and Thursday night series “Triple” promises to live up to the expectations of fans of the director’s previous hit series “Coffee Prince.” “It is a drama about love,” said “Triple” director Lee Yoon-jung at a press conference held last week. “This is not a sports drama.”

With romance — a genre that appeals to a broad audience — as the axis around which “Triple” will spin its magic, the new series looks set to bring in higher ratings than its lackluster predecessor “Cinderella Man.”

Slated to air two back-to-back episodes tomorrow night, the highly anticipated collaboration between MBC “Coffee Prince” director Lee Yoon-jung and scriptwriter Lee Jung-ah delves into the lives of a figure skating princess, her coach, her stepbrother and his friends.

While the plot borders on mind-achingly complex, it looks like directing-and-writing duo Lee Yoon-jung and Lee Jung-ah will chart the tangled relationships of their heroes and heroines with the same grounded and candid approach that made “Coffee Prince” a hit.

In the upcoming series, figure skater Ha-ru, played by actress Min Hyo-rin, moves into her stepbrother’s pad, only to discover that she not only has to share a living space with her stepbrother Shin Hwal but also with his two friends-cum-coworkers.

Ha-ru’s figure skating coach, Choi Soo-in — played by “Le Grand Chef” actress Lee Ha-na — turns out to be Shin Hwal’s estranged wife. Her plans to make amends with her husband are derailed when Shin’s friend, Hyun-tae — played by former boy band “g.o.d.” member Yoon Kye-sang — starts making his way into her heart.

In the meantime, Shin’s other friend and colleague, Hae-yoon, played by “Coffee Prince” heartthrob Lee Seon-gyun, ends up dating their fellow colleague and high school bud Sang-hee, played by newcomer Kim Hee. To top it off, Ha-ru becomes infatuated with her stepbrother.

Director Lee wasn’t kidding when she said the drama would be about love. But the hard work and attention to detail that director Lee and her cast have put into the series gives this particular romance a solid base to woo its audiences from.

“(Director Lee) wants detailed acting and focuses on the nuance of the lines,” said veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, who will be playing Shin Hwal.

Actress Kim Hee said, “The director tends to conduct a lot of rehearsals.” “I prepared (for the role) for approximately a year, everyday, three times a day, save Sunday,” said actress Min.

Co-star Lee Ha-na, who also trained for her role, regretfully announced that she would not be able to showcase her figure skating skills, “A real coach doesn’t really do a lot of demonstrations.” “After constantly playing the quirky tomboy, I am now taking on the role of a skating coach who longs for the love of one man,” said Lee.

While a complicated husband-wife-stepsibling love triangle forms, it is another trio, formed by newcomer Kim Hee, singer-turned-actor Yoon and “Coffee Prince” star Lee Seon-gyun that threatens to steal the show.

Kim, in particular, charms with her comic antics, serving as the perfect partner to co-star Lee Seon-gyun’s genteel character.

Yoon draws laughs as the goofy and happy-go-lucky Hyun-tae, and his role as a knight-in-waiting to Lee Ha-na’s Choi promises to win female fans over.

“Triple” airs on MBC tomorrow night at 9:55 p.m.