Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Sleep Here Tonight w/ 2PM

2PM was only on their third month after debut when they appeared on "Let's Sleep Here Tonight". It's so nice that the noonas were really good to them.^^

They showed the dorm of 2PM which had been a topic of the netizens lately after Shinee released photos of their shining shimmering squeaky clean dorm. I was so surprised myself to see that five teenage boys actually lives in that super clean and very nice apartment. Their things were so organized and their stuffs are all so cute! I'm thinking maybe the dorm is new?

Which is a complete opposite when you see 2PM's dorm in this episode. Personally, I think 2PM's dorm look more like a normal all boys dormitory that have been lived in. There's a number of them who don't like to clean much so the room was quite dirty. But other than that, most looks normal.

I'm just wondering why most apartments shown in this show looks the same? I mean the space and interior are all the same. They couldn't all be living in the same building right? Check out Super Junior's and FT Island's dorms which looks almost a replica of 2PM's.