Friday, June 5, 2009

SJ to appear in Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards

Popular Korean idol group Super Junior will be making an appearance during the Golden Melody Awards ceremony on the 27th, after accepting the invitation as guest performer for the ceremony for the second time. Heechul, who was absent during the previous visit due to his filming commitments then, will finally be making his first visit to Taiwan.

The production unit of Azio Entertainment announced the first guest performer for the ceremony yesterday. Super Junior, upon learning that they have been invited to attend the Awards' ceremony during its 10th anniversary, feels greatly honoured. They will be performing their latest best-selling song It's You for the first time overseas and SORRY, SORRY.

For their visit to Taiwan this time around, Super Junior will be travelling with a member missing yet again, as Kibum is unable to make it due to drama preparations. 'Flowerboy' Heechul, who has never been to Taiwan, recalls the existence of sexy goddess Vivian Hsu in the country. He also exclaimed, "I have to try out every single Taiwanese delicacy!" as his fellow members as well as those of DBSK constantly boasted about Taiwan's 'Xiaolongbao (soup dumpling)' and 'Bubble Tea' and how delicious they are.

Members who have been to Taiwan wish to challenge the legendary 'Mala Hotpot' this year. They also indicated Patty Hou, who has interviewed them twice before, as the person they would to meet the most during this visit, with Eunhyuk in particular calling her a 'fairy'.