Monday, June 8, 2009

Donghae shed tears when thinking of his Dad who fought against the cancer

(patut'y tunjuk gamabr sedih..hehe)

Super Junior Donghae has shed tears when thinking of his Dad who fought against the cancer.

On the show "Ji SeokJin & Choi WonJung's Yeoyoomanman" which will be aired on June 10th, Donghae had cried after talking about his Dad who had fought against the cancer during 3 years.

Donghae said "One of my Dad's favorite song is sunbae singer NamJin's DoongJi and I had had a chance to sing that song with him on the stage" and "but I was unable to sing because I had thought of my Dad". Even the other members of Super Junior felt sad and shed tears because of Donghae's touching story.

Yesung also shed tears when talking about his Mom, who had gone back and forth between CheonAn and Seoul to look after him and helping him to achieve his dream. Chinese member Hankyung said "I used the money which was earned from our activities to open a dumpling restaurant for my Mom, the business is so good that we even think about opening the second restaurant"

MC Ji SeokJin and Choi WonJung said "You're all dutiful sons despite of being at such young age".

The show will be aired at 9.30AM on June 10th.