Saturday, July 11, 2009

[TRANS + PHOTOS] Fujin Kouron Magazine

“We would like to sing a song which remains in memory”

In Japan we’re TOHOSHINKI, in Korea we’re TVXQ. While those two are actually similar, yet somehow it feels different, but while we’re doing long activities the two names get closer and closer bit by bit.

When we did the Japanese debut, we were already popular in Korea, yet we were still no one in Japan. Honestly, at first we were confused of it.

Also the system of the two companies are different. In Korea, after 1 album is released in a year, afterwards by several month promo activities are done, but in Japan, we have been busy to do the whole promo activities even from a year before.

When we hold concert in Korea and are singing ballad, audiences are singing together in a big voice, but the Japanese tend to stay still and are listening quietly.

At first when I saw them quiet, I was in shock, didn’t my song reach them? But now I understand that it’s all because the different culture and everyone is actually the same (in excitement) so it’s all right.

My dream as the time passing, is to continue singing nice songs which remain in memory of people. I think that’s the happiest thing can happen to an artist.

- Junsu

“The culture and language are different”

When I was in 3rd junior high school, I was scouted, and entered into the entertainment world. Entering entertainment industry which I didnt even know what it looked like before, yet once I passed the audience, the lessons given to be an artist were piled up.

The first time I decided to enter entertainment industry, my parents highly opposed, but I did persuade them a lot, and finally they let me go and do what I love. My participation in TOHOSHINKI is now still supported whole heartedly by them.

To work in a foreign country, as language is important, I watch many Japanese dramas and movies to learn Japanese. The word, “let’s go and see” is one I still remember until now.

Between Japan and Korea, the culture and character of the people are different. When we’re active in Japan, we don’t only change in term of music, but we also try to adapt in the life aspect. Right now we’re really busy, however if we receive a long holiday, I’d like to heal myself in a place of many green trees such as mountain and forest where there are not so many people in it.

- Changmin

“The joy is multiplied 5 times while the sorrow is divided to 1/5″

The members’ images that I see… Junsu as the mood maker, Changmin as the determined youngest, they play important role, it’s settled. Yoochun the romantic while Jaejoong is the realist, it creates a balance. I myself just realized this yesterday, therefore this question really is in good timing (laughs).

In the past, as the leader, I had to appear first and pulled everyone out. But now as everyone has grown, the necessity to do that has gone. Sometimes you may notice it’s Changmin who takes that job of mine (laughs).

Now, I’m not a leader, I’m just a part that complete the missing one as a teamwork.

We as 5 people works together is a fate. We see all of us equally. When we’re in joy, the joy is multiplied by 5, while when we’re in sorrow, the sorrow is divided to 1/5, it’s a pleasant thing.

TOHOSHINKI is my house which becomes my home. Even when I’m going to the distance, once upon a time, it will always be an important return place of me.

- Yunho

“I feel the charm of song that has many secrets”

I self learned piano as I always love the sound of piano since I was young. When work ends, I would just sit down in front of piano, and the melody is coming down naturally to my mind, it’s my way to relieve stress.

Writing lyrics and composing are things I used to do by my own will, but now when it reaches the point where everyone requests me to do that, I feel a little pressure (laughs).

When composing ballad song about love lost, it’s often that the song is written based on self-experience. But for me, instead making the whole of it based on experience, I tend to compose it a half by experience and half by fiction.

OST of movies is personally one I like to listen. Soundtrack has many secrets to awakening imagination. Especially for now I love to listen to soundtrack CD “Between Calmness and Passion” (静冷と情熱のあいだ).

- Yoochun

“I want them to know more about us”

It’s been 4 years since we began activities in Japan. I feel able to work well and make progress in my Japanese. I’m now accustomed to variety shows (laughs)

We appear (in variety shows) to enjoy each opportunity that people will get to know more about us.

In the tour that started in May, Junsu was injured by accident, but it’s being so delightful to see the increasing number of audiences. Our male fans in Japan are also more than ones we have in Korea, it really becomes encouragement to us.

TOHOSHINKI songs are also now broaden from anime songs to dance songs, and as the range is so wide, even in the concert we received audiences from children to adults. The fan base is wider compared to one in South Korea.

Eventhough now we’re accepted in Japan, honestly I still have lack of confidence. I’m still thrilled to see so many people from stage, but there are so many of them still don’t really know about us, therefore we need to work harder.

- Jaejoong