Friday, July 3, 2009

SJ-M new endorsers for OPPO

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It is reported that recently the fashionable and popular OPPO cellphone,
has signed Asia's Top Idols SJ-M, developing the best cellphone
for the new year. Joining young, and industrialized influences comes
"O sharp influence" the new style of OPPO, what kind of
expectations and anticipation will it bring?

  Besides the many advertisements and commercials on television,
allowing fans to see SJ-M's "O sharp influence" new styles and
performances,this contract also includes many other
events——including the 'meeting your star with no distance'
and fanmeets,chances to meet your idol
face to face, is coming up soon!

   Idol Group SJ-M is no doubt many people's favorite idols,
they're also the new influences for the industry,
and OPPO brand is no doubt the best in the industry。
In the lifes of teenagers,both are immensly
attractive to the public. SJ-M has joined OPPO
for it's creation "O sharp influence",representing OPPO
cellphone's fashionable appereance "Point Sharp".
To Advertise OPPO brand's style,"O sharp influence" these idols,
will appear several times in front of the public for events,
to share the feeling OPPO cellphone gives consumers。In the
latter half of 2009,OPPO cellphone will release new cellphones
that interest the public, and more touch screens.

  Music, Idols, are a big part of every person's teenagehood,
dreamlike"O sharp influence"will use that feeling to encourage
everyone to cherish everything in their life that's wonderful,
and will construct a "Stairway to Dreams"to help the participants
realize their dream, track down their real side.

  Their first Billboard Advertisement is already in the making。
And early august,there will be an SJ-M performance sponsored
by OPPO,all tickets are currently not for sale。Arriving personally
at the scene?Sweet Interactions?More "O sharp influence"
activites are being prepared,please pay attention to