Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kim Joon prepares for solo debut

Have you heard his new solo yet? The songs are quite solid somewhat, which came as a surprise to my ears. Been a bit skeptical of T-Max ever since I heard them singing live (in some music show, can’t remember which one). But yeah, Kim Joon’s track is pretty catchy and upbeat. But I like track 2 also. Shin Min Chul’s voice sounds matured, and looks like they’ve been preparing for this ‘comeback’ single collection (total of 3 songs).

Check them out after the cut~

티맥스(T-Max) Single Collection

01. 준비 O.K (Jun Be O.K) (Kim Joon’s Solo) [ DL LINK *mp3* ]

*02. 왜 그랬어 Why did you do it (feat. Kim Joon) (Shin Min Chul’s Solo) [ DL LINK *mp3* ]

03. 눈물이 말라 End the tears (Park Yun Hwa Solo) [ DL LINK *mp3* ]

(many thanks to yeohweping for the wma format)

Kim Jun Gearing Up for Solo Debut

Kim Jun, a member of music band T-Max and F4 of drama “Boys over Flowers,” is getting ready for the release of his first single, “Ready OK.” Fans are already going wild over the music video trailer of “Ready OK,” which was released earlier this week on online portal sites. Kim’s single collection album will go on sale on July 9th.

Instead of the gentle image he had in the hit drama “Boys over Flowers,” Kim shows off his tough masculine side with powerful dance and rap. Making the music video even hotter is the guest appearance of Kim Hyun-joong, who co-starred in “Boys over Flowers” as sensitive Yoon Ji-hoo.

Kim’s first solo piece “Ready OK” features his exceptional rap skills and attractive voice, as well as his potential as a lyric writer, which was put to good use in “Ready OK.”

Source: KBS Global