Friday, July 3, 2009

SJ Korean soldiers kill to step on red carpet, Mayday manages to claw back

SJ Korean soldiers kill to step on red carpet, Mayday manages to claw back

「Hi everyone, we are Super Junior!」 With just 1 sentence of greeting,over a thousand fans screamed non-stop for a minute, waiting in agony for 12 hours to welcome this Korean idol group.

Popularity duel

The 20th Golden Melody Awards opened yesterday evening 5pm at the Taipei Xiao Ju Dan (which literally means Little Huge Egg), the rushing rain miraculously stopped just a few minutes before opening, and just like previous years, as usual, the foreign contingent guarded their condition, and thus, Taiwan's Xing Guang Bang (One Million Stars): Jam Hsiao (Hsiao Jing Teng), Yoga Lin (Lin You Jia), Liang Wen Ying, Shen Mu Yu Tong, firmly got kicked* away. Fortunately, there was Mayday who relaxed the (tensions), and as fans waited for them till the end, indeed they are declared as "Taiwan's pride and glory".

This is the 2nd time Super Junior (SJ) has come to Taiwan to take part in the Golden Melody Awards, even if this year, only 12 came, there was no damage to their popularity. The fan cluster held their idol banners and blue balloons and conquered the inner and outer areas of Xiao Ju Dan. They sang a small part of live and immediately caused screams to fill the sky.

The Hsiao (Jam Hsiao) gang raising up the flag to help with the battle

SJ poses a threat to others, Yoga Lin said when interviewed, "Initially, I wanted to act suavely, but I saw many girls holding Korean banners". Did he feel any stress? He laughed, "It's not too bad, they let out friendly screams".

N.B The original article used the term 'PK', which is Taiwanese slang for like.. "duel" so, PK away means they suffered a defeat.