Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Towel Guy, Jung Yonghwa, to Guest in FT Island’s Concert

Acting as a bassist in “You’re Beautiful“… Towel guy, Jung Yonghwa, will meet his fans for the first time on stage.

Jung Yonghwa will lead his fellow members of the idol band C.N.Blue to perform at FT Island’s concert as guests, at Seoul’s JangChung Gymnasium on 14th and 15th November.

Jung Yonghwa holds the bassist position in A.N. Jell in the SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful“, as Kang Shinwoo. He also became the topic of many after being known that he actually belongs to a 4-member band. At FT Island’s upcoming concert, he will perform on stage with his bandmates, for the first time in Korea, as the lead vocal. This concert holds an even special meaning as Lee Hongki, who acts alongside with him in the drama, belongs to the band FT Island.

According to Jung Yonghwa’s management company FnC Music, “While doing performances with his Indie band in Japan, he got a casting in the drama and so he went over to acting. As he’s busy filming for the drama, it’s difficult to plan other schedules for him. However, we managed to get consent from the drama producers in advance, to arrange for their first stage in Korea to meet their fans, who want to listen to their performance and songs.”

Jung Yonghwa attracted lots of female fans with his tall height and princely image in “You’re Beautiful“. He also studied music while doing street performances and gigs at live clubs with his bandmates in Japan. The other 3 band members are now studying in Japan. They are working very hard with the aim of debuting in Korea early next year.