Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kim Joon's Room : in Incheon Premium Hotel

Recently Kim Joon was appointed as the ambassador for Incheon City by the Incheon Tourism Organization. At the same time he was also selected as the main actor of film The Korean Wave Star who introduce Incheon to you’.

Being acting in ‘Boys Before Flowers’ has made Kim Joon as one of the Korean Wave Star. Incheon Tourism Organizations mentioned they hope to influence and promote Incheon to Asia by Kim Joon’s popularity.

In order to promote carried out an active campaign to promote Incheon, Incheon Tourism Organization has also make this special arrangements to prepare a special ‘Kim Joon’s Room’ in the Songdo Park Hotel during their official opening on the 5th August.

There are lot of places in Incheon were being filmed in the promotion video ‘Kim Joon - Happy Present Meet Incheon’. Places like Soreapogu Seafood market, Chinatown, Jayu (Freedom) Park, Hongyemun and Shinpo market.

Kim Joon’s company said: “Kim Joon would not only remain in the name of the ambassador, but he would make every effort to let the whole of Asia to understand Incheon better. We also have plans to publicize Incheon tourism during the promotion campaign that was held on the 13th August in Shizuoka, Japan.”

(wow.. KJ's Room??? hhmmm.. i wonder if KJ is there if i check-in.. hahahaha... *dreaming*)