Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star King E114 - SuJu & 2PM

Hello! ^^

Somebody finally subbed one of my most favorite Korean variety show, Star King!!! Thanks so much,terima kasih sanagt,gamsahamnida (3 bahase lagi) to SJSubs for subbing the episode I previously posted with Super Junior and 2PM. That's a really really good episode and sekarang aku boleh tengok semua with subs. ^_^ hahaha....

This episode is not subbed but I just want to share it because I really really enjoyed watching it even without the subs. Guests present are Super Junior's HeeChul, LeeTeuk, EunHyuk, SungMin and DongHae and 2PM's TaecYeon, WooYoung and NichKhun (but Khun is a regular on the show so he's there every week).

It's surprising that HeeChul is there because as Kangin said in Intimate Note, HeeChul won't normally appear on variety shows unless he's the lead, lol! XD LeeTeuk had become more like a tag team with Boom, he's really MC material, probably next in line to the national MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Kang Ho Dong. ^^

And what I like about this episode is that everybody got their air time. Each guest has their moment. And it's really nice to see that Super Junior and 2PM are good friends. They talk a lot and they have lots of interactions. I specially love DongHae offering his hand to TaecYeon to shake after 2PM performed the b-boy with their friend. It's like DongHae is saying "great job man!"... it's really sweet.

It's just too bad that nobody subs Star King, it's a fun show.