Thursday, December 10, 2009

T-ara - Good Person

Romanji Good Person
geu dae ga joh a han os eur ip go seo
geu dae wa ham kke han geo rir geor eo yo
u yeon hi ra do nar ma ju chin da myeon
nar beo rin geor ttang eur chi myeo hu hoe ha ra go
na man sa rang hae jur nu ga bwa do joh eun sa ram i
geu daer dae sin hae nae gyeot e seo nar ji kyeo ju go iss eu ni
mo du deur nae ge haeng bok hae bo in de yo
geu dae bo da jal nan sa rang e jal doen ir i rae yo
geu sa ram e ge pyeong saeng mi an han ir i ji man
geu daer a peu gir ba ra neun nae sa rang i ni kka
na man ba ra bo neun ma eum chak han sa ram i na reul
geu daer dae sin hae sa rang han da myeo a kkyeo ju go iss eu ni
ban bog
bo go tto a peu gir haeng bok han nae mo seub bo myeon seo
nar beo rin geor hu hoe ha myeo ul myeo sar a ga gil
ut go iss eo do ga seum eun ul go it jyo
geu dae a peu gir ba raet neun de nae ga deo a pa yo
haeng bok ha da go ap eu ro geu reor su it da go
nae mam eur sog yeo mar eur hae do deut jir anh ne yo

Kanji Good Person

그대가 좋아한 옷을 입고서
그대와 함께한 거릴 걸어요

우연히라도 날 마주친다면
날 버린걸 땅을 치며 후회 하라고

나만 사랑해 줄 누가봐도 좋은 사람이
그댈 대신해 내 곁에서 날 지켜주고 있으니

*모두들 내게 행복해 보인데요
그대보다 잘난 사랑에 잘된 일이래요
그 사람에게 평생 미안한 일 이지만
그댈 아프길 바라는 내 사랑이니까

나만 바라보는 마음 착한 사람이 나를
그댈 대신해 사랑한다며 아껴주고 있으니


보고 또 아프길 행복한 내 모습 보면서
날 버린걸 후회 하며 울며 살아가길

웃고 있어도 가슴은 울고 있죠
그대 아프길 바랬는데 내가 더 아파요
행복하다고 앞으로 그럴 수 있다고
내맘을 속여 말을 해도 듣질 않네요

Translation Good Person

The cloth which you likes from warehousing
One thing reel walks with you together

If accidentally day encounters,
Day throws away and the ground which will hang hits, as under regretting

Only me who to love sees and the person
That to put and the within substitute day is to defend from side

* To within all field is happy and Deyo
One since then goes well in the love which is handsomer you
The whole life is a work which is sorry in that person but
That will put and Oh the [phu] route small cymbal is within love

Only me the mind which sees the good person will carry
That will put and substitutes and loves, is to spare

* (Repetition)

Sees and also Oh [phu] route the within is happy features sees,
Day will throw away and will hang and will regret and will cry and the baby route which will live

Is laughing and the breast cries, [iss] the [cyo]
You Oh [phu] route fades but I is sicier
That is happy, that there is a in future like that possibility,
Deceives my mind and the chart [tut] quality is not